Suzanne Stensaas, Ph.D.

Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy (Lecture Track)

Bachelors Degree in Zoology, (Pomona College), Master's Degree in Neurophysiology (UCLA) and a Ph.D. in Anatomy (University of Utah).

Location: Room 415, Medical Research and Education Building (MREB)


I have been involved with the Department since 1969 and continue to be involved in neuroscience teaching particularly in foreign countries. I was involved in the Neuroanatomy course at the University of Utah from 1969- 2012 even though in 1980 I moved from Anatomy Department to the Pathology Department and directed the Pathology course as well as teaching Neuroanatomy. From 1990-1999 I was on the faculty at (Weil) Cornell University Medical College, New York City where I directed the Education Center and Courseware Development, as well as the Pathology Course and returned to teach neuroanatomy each year in Utah. I left New York in 1998 to direct the Neuroscience Block in the then "new" curriculum. In 2008 I turned over the block to David Renner in Neurology and the neuroanatomy course to Rich Dorsky in Neurobiology. In 2009 the next medical curriculum reform began and neuroanatomy instruction is part of Brain and Behavior, a required integrated block for second year medical students.

In 1986 I left basic science research to focus on teaching. I was interested in finding appropriate ways to integrate new technology into medical education beginning with my own courses, which resulted in a videodisc called "Slice of Life" (history at and another videodisc, "Slice of Brain". A Neuroanatomy laboratory for the course along with its lab syllabus “HyperBrain” is on the Web ( With Paul Larsen at the University of Nebraska and Media Solutions of the Eccles Broadcast Center we developed a site for neurological and anatomical localization and a series of case studies.

Suzanne Stensaas, Ph.D. in class

For 20 years I organized the annual Slice of Life Workshop for Medical Multimedia Developers and Educators with past conference presentations on the web. Over the years it became an international event. Its main purpose was for faculty and developers to share ideas, progress, problems, evaluation data, and to assist administrators and faculty in seeing other ways of teaching and sharing materials. In 2008 we became part of the International Association of Medical Science Educators. I have organized a 2013 Update on Technology and Media in Health Science Education Program

After 43-years I am now enjoying retirement, but still enjoy teaching human neuroanatomy to medical, dental and graduate students and neurology residents, tracking new developments in mobile computing, participating in meetings, teaching in Ghana and Kenya, producing dissection videos, consulting and looking for ways to contribute to medical education in developing countries.

Selected Publications

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